Quantitative research

Quantitative research

Quantitative research is about measuring a market and quantifying that measurement with data. Most often the data required relates to market size, market share, penetration, installed base and market growth rates. However, quantitative research can also be used to measure customer attitudes, satisfaction, commitment and a range of other useful market data that can tracked over time. At the heart of all quantitative research is the statistical sample. Great care has to be taken in selecting the sample and also in the design of the sample questionnaire and the quality of the analysis of data collected.

Our main method of collecting quantitative data is internet. Computer/Online Surveys can be administered by computer and the Internet. All provide the potential to conduct complicated research because “help menus” can assist respondents through the survey. You can also include visual aids or images as part of these surveys. And perhaps most importantly, they are the least expensive format and have the quickest speed of data collection and reporting. In addition they offer technical advantages, such as control of order bias, etc. Online surveys are self-administered, with respondents pre-recruited and trained. They allow respondents to work at their own pace and to find answers to questions. Surveys with similar features can be administered by computer – with keyboard, touch screen, electronic pen, or voice-activated response.

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