Qualitative research

Qualitative market research

Qualitative research provides often an unparalleled understanding of the motivations behind human behaviour, desires and needs.

Qualitative research is used to gain insight into doctors’ attitudes, behaviours, value systems, concerns, motivations, aspirations, culture or lifestyles. It’s used to inform business decisions, policy formation, communication and research.

We are convinced that the success of a qualitative study depends on active co-operation between researchers, client and the advertising agency, if used, as well as on having full awareness of the company's marketing and strategic objectives. For us, this goes by the name of partnership. Professionalism, problem-solving and creativity: thanks to this approach we transform the information we collect into effective strategic and innovative tools. We regard every problem as "unique", proposing the method, the sample and the approaches we consider to best fit the needs of the client.

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